Man met bloemen

    ........................... is a website of A&A Artistics BV.

A&A Artistics BV was founded by Angelique Goldewijk and Alfred Menting in 1997 and emerged from the company Floral Arts and Designs VOF, their very successful flower specialty store in Zevenaar, founded in 1987.

In 1995, Angelique and Alfred saw the future possibilities of the Internet for the sale of "flower greetings".

Until that time, it was common for you to order a bouquet of flowers by telephone or fax for delivery somewhere.

At the time, www.Flowers.NL was registered as a domain name and not much later a website followed where you could order flowers for delivery. Flowers.NL was one of the first websites in the Netherlands where this was possible.

A&A Artistics BV now has a large network of websites (shops) where you can order flowers and gift-related products for delivery in the Netherlands *.

As a member of Fleurop Interflora, we use the worldwide network of more than 40,000 independent local Professional florists for the export and delivery of flowers.

We listen, think along and convert your words and emotions into flowers. Whether you want to congratulate someone, wish them strength or just like that. We help people to support each other. To express themselves. To feel loved. We have been doing this since 1987. A magical profession that we are proud of. We deliver throughout the Netherlands. And in the rest of the world too. Because there is a Fleurop florist everywhere. You order your bouquet, a florist in the area makes and delivers it. At a time that you choose. Always fresh. Always suitable with love, creativity and craftsmanship. We are Fleurop. And we are there for you.

A brief list of our other brands.

  • Flowers.NL
  • Uitvaartbloemen.COM
  • Bloemenbon.COM
  • Europe-Flowers.COM (worldwide flower delivery)
  • Topflowers.EU (worldwide flower delivery)
  • Vakbloemist.COM
  • Dutch-Florist.COM
  • De-Bloemist.NL
  • Flowershop.NL
  • Fleurtel.NL
  • Bosjebloemen.NL
  • Moederdagbloemen.NL
  • Valentijnsdag-bloemen.NL
  • Verjaardag-bloemen.NL
  • Bedankt-bloemen.NL
  • Welkomthuis-bloemen.NL